General Supply and Metals, Inc (GSM) is an industrial hardware and supplies distributor proudly and continuously serving the communities of Southeastern New England since 1947. GSM is deeply rooted in the rich New England’s history. From large local infrastructure projects, built homes, engineered products sold around the world, to hobby shops, and more, GSM continues to be part of the communities both locally and around the world.

GSM specializes in an assortment of different materials and item types. These include Aluminum to Zinc in different shapes and forms from angles, bolts, round stock, and more! GSM also carries hard to find items and tools that are both for the enthusiasts and serious machinists. Item measurements can be sized to specifications or purchased at full size. With equipment such as cranes, sheers, flame/water jet/plasma cutters, GSM makes sure you have the item you need.

The General Supply and Metals, Inc family takes pride in making sure that your projects, whether big or small, have the reliable supplies that you need provided for you in a timely manner. We aim to deliver the best service to your organization and we continue to strive on improving those services to you.