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Happy Presidents Day 2024

Feb 17th 2024

In the Engineering Hub video, "The actual reason for using stirrups explained", provides a great introductory explanation of why reinforcing conrete (with rebar) is important to protect against bending and shearing of a concrete beam. The video provides great examples of where the stresses occur when downward load is being applied to the beams. Each beam that was molded and tested had different configurations, with and without reinforcements.

While concrete, can withstand considerable load from compression, it's particularly weak from bending and shearing. That's where re bar comes in to reinforce the structural integrity of the concrete beam by adding re bar along the length of the beam and running stirrups perpendicular to it.

The reinforcing of concrete is an example of building a strong foundation of a nation, reinforced inside and out. One can't deny the wonderful structures that adorn the USA today many of which, still stand today and at its core, has been reinforced since the beginning. Happy Presidents Day! Keep CREATING and BUILDING!

General Supply and Metals, Inc. (GSM) houses an assortment of re bar for your construction projects to help reinforce concrete. GSM also has the ability to cut those bars at a particular length if needed and that applies to any bar stock, they have, for your projects. For more information on how to get re bar and other materials for your projects, please reach out to General Supply and Metals, Inc. at...

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Happy Presidents Day from your friends and family at General Supply and Metals, Inc. 

GSM will be closed on Monday February 19, 2024 to honor and celebrate Presidents Day.

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  • "George Washington Loves New Bedford" refactored from: original image available in the Public Domain