Memorial Day

Posted by Chiliphrosting on May 23rd 2023

Even though the weather doesn't feel like it, this year, on Monday May 29th 2023 is the unofficial start of summer and also Memorial Day in the United States. Memorial Day is a holiday celebrated to honor the people who passed away while serving the United States military. Memorial Day is also known as Decorative Day originated in the years following the Civil War that ended in 1865 only becoming an official federal holiday in 1971. 

Massachusetts, or generally speaking New England, as part of the North, among other states in the region, were part of the Union led by none other than Abraham Lincoln. Massachusetts specifically was (and still) at the forefront of civil liberties. The disagreement to abolish slavery was a contentious topic that eventually led to the Civil War with the Confederate states. 

Looking more closely at the precursors of the Civil War, we can see that Massachusetts, more specifically, New Bedford, was part of a large network, called the Underground Railroad, that helped fugitive slaves to gain sanctuary. Not only did the Underground Railroad help slaves gain their freedom, but also helped those who were freed acquire education and other skills. A transplant of New Bedford, Frederick Douglas one of the most recognized abolitionists, played a key role of helping shift changes in civil liberties. 

Today, Memorial Day is still rooted to honor and memorialize those who served during the Civil War and also include those who served in the United States military. The holiday is typically celebrated in a less somber tone with social gatherings enjoyed outside in the yard, having a BBQ. The holiday is also celebrated by traveling to different destinations. 

To celebrate and honor Memorial Day, General Supply and Metals, Inc. will be closed for the holiday.  

For those traveling to New Bedford or you live in the area, there are number of places to visit during the long weekend. Here is a list of some of the memorials, that can be visited in the city and surrounding area:

New Bedford (near General Supply and Metals, Inc) 

  • Corporal Henry Adelard Bourbeau Memorial (Bourbeau Square, corner of County and Purchase Street);
  • Franco American Veterans Memorial (Nauset St, Mount Pleasant St, Hathaway Rd converge) 


(For a complete list visit WBSM 1420 listed in the references below.) 


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