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Patriots' Day

Apr 16th 2023

Ah Patriot's Day... while it's not included in the list of federal holidays, many states encourage it with a handful celebrating it. For all you New Englandahs, the origins of the holiday commemorates the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the larger Battle of Menotomy in 1775. Towns were playing rock-paper-scissors on whether or not to name it "Lexington Day" or "Concord Day" eventually handshaking on "Patriots' Day" celebrated on the 3rd Monday of April and for this year Patriots' Day is on the 17th. The states that observe the holiday today are Massachusetts, Maine, Florida, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and North Dakota. 

Even several sporting events take place during Patriots' Day. The Boston Marathon has been running since 1897. The Boston Red Sox have been knocking it out of the park, at home in Boston, since 1959. 

Another ways we can commemorate these events are with monuments that not only displays the test of time but also celebrates the triumph over struggles endured despite all odds. Often, these monuments are created with long-lasting materials typically of stone and metal that are materials that symbolizes the passage of time and durability of spirit. 

General and Supply and Metals, Inc. (GSM) is a company that not only supplies the materials for monuments but is also the artisans, designers, and technicians putting excruciating attention to detail and artistry that are part of the design and construction of these historic monuments. Combined with other talent in the community, GSM is an integral part in these community driven collaborations. 

A great example of a monument, that's part of one of many projects that GSM has been involved with, is the Fort Phoenix Entrance in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The collaborative effort includes the Fairhaven Historic Commission, Costa's Custom Metal Fabrication (East Freetown), Powder Pro Custom Powder Coating (New Bedford), and G.B. Knowles Landscaping (Fairhaven). The collaborators combined the old with the new, from the rusted anchor, circa 1850, to the granite pillars, custom metal sign, and manicured landscape. To learn more about this particular project visit (References available below). 

To learn more about how General Supply and Metals, Inc can aid you in developing your custom monument project visit or you can speak to a representative directly 1-508-999-6257.

Happy Patriots' Day!


"Fort Phoenix Gets A Grand Entrance"

"Fairhaven's Fort Phoenix has a New Entranceway" By Daniel Schemer

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