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Unique Gifts, Long Lasting Impressions

Dec 11th 2023


We have your Unique Gifts and Long Lasting Impressions whether your looking to decorate, finish projects, or just want to be expressive!!!

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Do you have that one person in your friend, colleague, or family who is either darn difficult to buy a gift for or you just don't have any ideas that might leave an impression? Metalwork is typically not what comes to mind when we think of gifts, as it's often (not always) associated with construction and some sort of machine. While unconventional, we will look at reasons why it's a great gift idea.

Another well known use of metals is the creation of art, displayed graciously throughout communities around the world as monuments as well as decor. The uses are not only limited to public displays but can be a wonderful item that someone has in their home. Part of the utility of using metals for art are the material properties that make it last for an extremely long time and the characteristics like color and texture change over time adding a different aesthetic to the piece.

Along with custom items for aesthetics, custom cutting can also be used to make custom tools or you need specific components to be made for specific jobs for a project. Sometimes equipment parts are discontinued, other times lead times can be staggeringly long... Maybe you are developing new products, or maybe the proprietary part just cost too dang much. Whatever the case may be, exploring solutions is made easier if you need a custom tool or part to be made from metal.

While this idea of a custom cut metal may be unconventional, it's hardly anything new. It easier to consider a custom made metal piece as a gift for someone special, considering that, it's custom made. Even if you are not in the market for having something custom made, General Supply and Metals, Inc has a large assortment of pre-made, ready-to-order items perfect for gifts. And for those existing or budding artists, machinist, engineers, etc... we also have a large assortment of tools, shapes, and materials to get any of their projects ready to rock and roll.

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General Supply and Metals, Inc. is a industrial hardware, supplies, and materials distributor for infrastructure projects, machine and maintenance shops, engineered products, built homes, DIY/hobbyist, and more. We can custom cut and design using the latest in CAD, sheers, saws, plasma, flame, and water jet technologies.

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