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Water Jet Detail Cutting

Nov 20th 2023


We have your READY MADE and MADE TO ORDER SOLUTIONS whether your looking to decorate, finish projects, or just want to be expressive!!!

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We take pride in our local heritage like all of our neighbors here in New Bedford, MA and surrounding areas. One of the ways we share our love of the area is to share our history. New Bedford was once the whaling city capital of the world, hence the name "Whaling City", that inspired the transcending novel, "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville. While whaling is no longer an industry of the area, New Bedford is still a leading maritime destination, it is often depicted in the many designs including the one created by Solstice, a New Bedford skateboard company in the heart of downtown. Their design contains the initials of New Bedford, Massachusetts with harpoons crossed. The video contains some of the final stages of bringing their design from paper to metal using our water jet. ENJOY!

General Supply and Metals, Inc. is a industrial hardware, supplies, and materials distributor for infrastructure projects, machine and maintenance shops, engineered products, built homes, DIY/hobbyist, and more. We can custom cut and design using the latest in CAD, sheers, saws, plasma, flame, and water jet technologies.

Disclaimer: Copyrighted and trademarked materials shown are for demonstration purposes only to show detail and capabilities.