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Calipers, dial Chains: Clamps: Clips, wire rope
Calipers, digital All popular types & sizes Bar / Key seat / Parallel / Pipe/ Collars, stainless steel
Calipers, hermaphodite Chests, Machinists Rule / Tee-slot / Tee -slot finger/ Collars, steel, solid
Calipers, inside Steel / Wood Tee -slot gooseneck / Tee -slot strap/ Collets
Calipers, outside Chisels, All types & sizes Tee -slot U / Toolmakers Collets, Bridgeport
Calipers, slide Chucks, drill   Collets, die
Calipers, vernier     Combined drill and
Case hardening compound     countersink, carbide
C -clamp, all popular types     Combined drill & countersink, HSS
Center finders     Cored bronze bar
      Cored sinteredbar
Cotter pins: Countersinks: Counterbores: Crowbars
Brass / Stainless steel / steel Carbide / HSS Carbide / HSS  
Boring / Circle / Convex / Concave / Corner
rounding / Double angle / Fly / Drill mill /
Side milling / Single angle / Tee – slot /      
Threading / Tube / Woodruff      
Cutting fluids, oil free