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Angle Channel, bar size Floor Grating Perforated angle, galvanized
Angle, offset Channel, structural   Reinforcing rod
I-Beam (S Beam) Channel, ship & car (MC Channel)   Tee-bar
Junior Beam (M beam, Light beam) Channel, stair stringer (Junior Channel)    
Wide flange Beam (W & WF beams) Expanded sheet, flattened
  Expanded sheet, raised
Hot Rolled:
Angle Half-oval Round
Angle, Offset Half-round Square
Cold Formed:
Flat Round Shaft, turned, ground & polished
Hexagonal Round, metric Shaft, drawn, ground & polished
Tubing & Pipe:
Tube, CD seamless Tube, hydraulic cylinder Pipe, rectangular structural Pipe, Seamless
Tube, DOM Tube, hydraulic fluid line   Pipe, welded
Tube, HR seamless Tube, square structural   Pipe, welded, galvanized
Plate & Sheet:
HR, Plate HR, Sheet Sheet, galvanized  
HR, Plate, abrasion resistant HR, Sheet, pickled & oiled Sheet, perforated Floor Grating
Floor Plate CR, Sheet Expanded Sheet, raised Bar Grating
    Expanded Sheet, flattened  
Plates Round Tubing  
Sheet Expanded sheet, flattened Plate Round
Expanded sheet, raised Perforated sheet Floor plate Hexagonal
Flat Channel Tube, square Tube, round
Angle I-beam Tube, rectangular  
Angle, offset Tee-bar Pipe  
Stainless Steel:
Sheet Round Half-round Tube, round, welded
Expanded sheet, raised Angle Flat Tube, round, welded & polished
Expanded sheet, flattened Hexagonal Pipe Tube, rectangular
Perforated sheet Square Tube, round, seamless Tube, square
Wire mesh Plate    
Sheet Round Flat  
Plate Square    
Sheet Hexagon Half-Oval Angle
Plate Square Flat Tube, Round
Sheet Round Cored bars Plate, wear
Plate Angle, architectural    
Plate Shearing: Circle Shearing: Structural Shearing: Saw Cutting:
mild steel: 1/2” x 168” 6” to 78” diameter angles: 6” x 6” x 1/12” Rounds: to 10″
most aluminum alloys: 3/4” x 168” mild steel: 10 ga. channels: to 6” (10.5#) Flats: to 16″ x 18″
most stainless alloys: 3/8”x 168” most aluminum: 3/16”    
copper 5/8” x 168” most stainless: 12 ga.    
expanded or woven steel: 3/8” x 168”      
Abrasive Cutting: Flame Cutting:  Plasma Cutting:  
Tubes: to 6″ O.D. steel to 10″ thick  Mild 3" MS  
Rounds: to 16″ Circle & Line Cutting  Stainless Steel 1 3/4"  
Squares: to 3″ (bevel cut avail.): unlimited  Aluminum 3"  
Angles: to 5″ x 5″ x 5/8″ Shape Cutting: submit pattern    
Channels: to 6″      
I-beam: to 6″