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Saddle, Tee – slot clamp Screwdrivers: Screws, Cap, Hexagon: Screws, Carriage:
Saw blades, carbide tipped circular Cabinet / Eyeglass / Folding / Aluminum/ brass / Grade 2 / Grade 5 / Brass / Stainless steel / Steel
Saw blades, jewelers Jewelers / Offset ratcheting / Grade 8 / Metric / Monel / Silicon bronze  
Saws, hole Opticians / Phillips / Round shank / Stainless steel Screws, Drill & Tapping:
Saws, metal slitting Square shank / Stubby   Hexagon washer head, steel
Saws, metal slotting Screws, bucket tooth Screws, sheet metal:  
Saws, screw slotting Screws, cap, flat head Stainless steel/Steel/Flat head/ Hexagon washer head/ Screws, Elevator
Scrapers, bearing   Pan head/Oval head/Round head  
Scrapers, gasket Screws, Machine, Square head, steel   Screws, Lag:
Screw starters Screw, plow Screws, socket: Stainless steel / Steel
Screw extractors Screw, self tapping, flat head Alloy steel / Stainless steel / Button head  
  Screws, Self-tapping, Round head Cap / Metric / Countersink head / Flat Screws, step
Screws, machine, slotted: Screws, Shoulder, Socket head / Headless set / Loc-well / Low head / Screws, tee-slot
Brass / Monel/ Stainless steel and Steel / Screws, Set, Socket Shoulder  
Binding head / Fillister head / Flat head / Screws, Set, Square head   Shim Stock Category:
Oval head / Round head / Truss head Screws, Set, Headless slotted Scribers Brass / Spring steel / Stainless steel /
Screws, thumb Screws, Wood: Sharpeners, chisel  
Shoulder pattern / Plain pattern Brass / Stainless steel / Steel / Steel, Shields, face  
  galvanized / Flat head / Oval head /    
Steel Round head Squares  
Shims, arbor   Squares, combination  
Shims, broach Springs: Stamps, steel, figure  
S – hooks Compression / Die / Extension Stamps, steel, letter  
Sleeves, Morse taper   Steel wool  
Slip hooks   Stock, band saw blade  
Snips, aviation   Straight edges  
Sockets, Morse taper   Swivels, chain  
Solid bronze bar      
Solid sintered bar      
Spacers, arbor      
Spectacles, safety      
Spring, claw      
Spring pins, steel